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    Knock 'Em Out: The Knockout Tool's Form And Function

    If you work in an industrial setting or in a construction related environment, you've probably needed to put a hole into a difficult and tough material such as sheet metal. The best way to do so easily and quickly is by using a special tool called a knockout punch or panel punch. This tool is surprisingly simple to use, and it consists of three main parts: the punch, the die, and the screw.

    Two Important Water Damage Restoration Questions Addressed

    Water damage is a common problem that strikes a seemingly countless number of homes a year. Unfortunately, there are many people that do not understand this particular threat to their house, but learning the answers to a couple of questions will help you to be more informed about this type of damage to your home. Armed with this knowledge, you will be in a far better position to know what needs to be done to have this damage repaired as efficiently as possible.

    Protect Your Health During Neighborhood Demolition

    Demolition and rehabilitation of property can revitalize a neighborhood and raise property values.  It also temporarily releases dust and irritants into the environment.  If demolition work is taking place in your neighborhood, it is essential to take the proper precautions to protect the health of you and your family.  Follow the tips below to stay healthy during demolition.  Take measures to prevent dust from entering your home. Demolition creates clouds of dust, which extend and infiltrate far beyond the immediate demolition area.

    How To Replace Your Window Screen

    If you have noticed tears or large holes in your window screen, it is time to replace it. Screen material is not expensive and it is relatively easy to repair on your own. By replacing it, you can keep pests outside when you want to open the window. Here are some easy instructions for replacing your damaged window screen. Gather Your Supplies The first step to any home improvement project is getting the right supplies.

    How To Test For Radon In Your Home

    According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), exposure to radon in homes is responsible for lung cancer that leads to over 20,000 deaths every year. Perhaps the scariest thing about this element is the fact that so few homeowners even know what it is. This article explains what radon is and how you can test to see if it is a danger on your property. What is Radon?

    Three Of The Biggest Myths You Need To Know Before Having Your Carpets Cleaned

    Most people are aware that they need to clean their carpets, but they don't know much beyond that. Because of this, there are a lot of myths that abound. Here's a look at three of the biggest myths you need to know before you have your carpets cleaned. Myth #1: Wait to Clean Your Carpet, Because It Will Never Look the Same Many people have their carpets cleaned for the first time, only to find them looking worse than when they started.

    A Gentle Touch Is All You Need For Your New Bamboo Floors

    Many people who want to install hardwood floors are turning to bamboo flooring. Bamboo creates beautiful hardwood floors that are surprisingly affordable due to the renewable nature of bamboo. If you have recently had bamboo flooring installed, you just need a gentle touch to keep it clean: Use A Soft Touch When Cleaning Bamboo floors are generally really ease to clean and require a gentle touch. If you are too rough with your cleaning methods, you will scratch your bamboo floors.

    Reasons To Use A Construction Webcam

    Webcams are everywhere, from your favorite downtown building to cruise ships to a construction site near you. In fact, construction webcams are rapidly gaining popularity. They not only help with security at the site, but they give bosses and property owners a way to check on the site progress without driving to the site and interrupting the workers. Construction webcams can be set up so that authorized users can view the building site from any Internet enabled device, even a smartphone.