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    3 Benefits Of Upgrading Your Commercial Sump Pump System To Variable-Speed Motors

    If your business is upgrading its sump pump or installing one for the first time, consider a sump pump with a variable-speed motor. Variable-speed motors are rare in residential sump pumps, but provide a number of benefits to commercial spaces. Larger commercial buildings need to pump out larger volumes of groundwater compared to homes, leading to a need for more powerful sump pumps. The power of commercial sump pumps come with a few downsides that are minimized by purchasing a sump pump with a variable-speed motor.

    Would You Like Another Option For Your Deck? 3 Things To Know About Vinyl Decking

    From extra space for entertaining outdoors to an increase in the overall appeal and value of your home, a deck is a great investment for your home and family. Wood decks are the most popular option, since they are affordable and easy to install in most cases, but this material does require a good amount of maintenance to protect its function and lifespan. Thankfully, vinyl decking is becoming more popular due to its many benefits.

    3 Best Ways To Keep Water Out Of Your Basement

    If you are dealing with a basement that is always getting wet, you need to stop moisture from getting into your basement. The best way to keep water from getting into your basement is to clean your gutters and downspouts, extend your downspouts away from your home, and grade the soil around your home to slope away from your foundation. 1. Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts One of the most important steps you can take to protect your foundation, and your basement starts on your roof.

    3 Types Of Roofing Damage You May Encounter

    Eventually, there will likely be a need for you to invest in having a new roof installed or major repairs done to your current roof. While this type of work is not uncommon, a lack of accurate information can lead individuals to being unsure of when they should have this work done or what they should expect from it. 1. Major Damage To The Shingles The shingles on the roof are among the most exposed portions of this part of your house.

    Want To Update Your Kitchen Countertops? Learn How To Select The Right Material

    Has it been a long time since you've had your kitchen countertops replaced? If the countertops were installed decades ago, they're likely showing a lot of wear and tear, which could take away from the beauty of your kitchen. If you'd like to get new custom countertops for your kitchen to replace the old, worn-out countertops, you'll need to make some important decisions before the customization process even begins. Choose From Several Types of Materials

    How To Clean Your Own Ducts

    HVAC maintenance is usually best left to professionals. That is, most major repairs to your HVAC system should only be handled by licensed, insured, and trained technicians. Most people use the same HVAC technician that initially installed their system. This is very helpful because it makes troubleshooting unique problems less complicated. Regardless of how good or affordable your HVAC repairman is, you still need to do some things on your own if you want your system to be as efficient as possible.

    What Do Plumbers And Cooling Services Have In Common? More Than You Think

    What do plumbers and cooling services have in common? At first glance, you are probably inclined to say, "Nothing." Unfortunately, you would be incorrect. Plumbers have more connections to air conditioning and refrigeration than you would expect, as the following will show. Plumbers Install and Repair Ice Makers and Refrigerator Water Dispensers When you buy one of those fancier refrigerators, the ones that make ice and dispense it and water through a portal in the door, it is the plumber that installs the ice maker and makes it possible to get water out of your refrigerator.

    Does Your Septic Tank Need Pumping? 6 Signs To Look For

    Septic tanks are a green option and can last for years with proper maintenance. They work by collecting sewage from your home and, over time, break that down into scum and sludge, with a liquid effluent between the two. Ideally, the effluent percolates into the drain field while the scum and sludge break down into gases via bacterial action. But sometimes things go wrong, and your septic tank can get clogged or become backed up and require professional attention.