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The Pros Of Having Wood Countertops Installed In Your Home

by Harvie Simms

When deciding which countertops to have installed in your home, there are many different options to choose from. Among these include tile, formica, marble, granite, and wood. Wooden countertops are quickly becoming a favorite choice of many homeowners. These are some reasons to consider having wood countertops installed in your home. 

The Beautiful Appearance

Wood countertops give a stunning new look to any kitchen. The natural beauty of a wood countertop gives a kitchen a warm, country look and feel that makes all who enter feel right at home. Wood countertops are also very versatile and can be paired with any style of design of decor to breathe new life into any kitchen. These countertops are made of a variety of different types of wood, such as walnut, oak, maple, and mountain cherry.

Easy To Clean

Wooden countertops can be cleaned easily with a damp rag or sponge. If something sticky is spilled on it, simply add a little liquid soap and it can be wiped clean effortlessly. There is no need to use hard cleaners or chemicals to keep your wood countertop looking fresh and clean. Cleaning a wooden countertop on a daily basis prevents bacteria from growing so there is no worry of food contamination ever occurring.

Strong And Durable

Wooden countertops are strong and durable and last for many years. The wood that is used to make these countertops is cut in thick sections like a butcher block cutting board. In fact, the countertop can be used as a cutting board without any worry of dulling your knives.

Variety Of Finishes

There are so many options with the appearance of a wooden countertop. You can choose the natural grained wood finish, or it can be coated with a polyurethane gloss. This gives the countertop a shinier appearance and also helps keep it in the best condition longer. If you prefer, wooden countertops can also be stained before adding the clear gloss to match your kitchen cabinets, trim or dining room table and chairs.

Wooden countertops are also very easy to take care of. If you prefer not to have a coat of clear gloss or stain added to cover the wood, you can still keep the bare wood in excellent condition by simply wiping it down with mineral oil every so often. This helps protect the wood, keep it from splintering and can be used to rub out minor scuffs and scrapes.

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