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How Winter And Early Spring Trimming Benefits The Trees

by Harvie Simms

Winter and early spring are great times to have your trees and shrubs trimmed and cut back. Having the work done during the cooler months is good for the tree in most cases and has the added bonus of not disturbing nesting birds. Here is further information about the benefits of winter and early spring pruning as well as when you hold off a little while.

Trees Are Dormant in Winter

Most tree species are in a dormant phase during the winter and early spring. This means that they are conserving energy and not growing. Trimming is unlikely to spur a sudden growth spurt but will enhance growth in the spring when the weather warms up. Therefore, the trimmers can be much more aggressive with the trimming when the tree is dormant. However, if you have an early-blooming tree, then you may wish to wait until after blooming before trimming.

Tree Branches Are More Visible in Winter

Deciduous trees drop their leaves in the winter, and this gives arborists a much better view of the tree's shape and its problem areas. You or the tree trimmer will be able to see insect damage, and dangerous overgrowth better. This allows for safer, faster, and more efficient trimming. Also, the frozen ground makes moving equipment easier and less likely to damage the ground.

Tree Trimming in Winter Helps With Safety Issues

Overgrown trees are a safety hazard, especially after an ice storm. Iced-down trees become heavy and large branches will fall, if not the entire tree itself. By trimming down the tree in the winter or early spring, when these storms are more likely, you help protect people and property from unsafe trees. Even dense pine trees can be made safer by trimming and shaping them during the cold season.

Trees Are Less Likely to Spread Disease

One of the best things about trimming in winter is that your tree is less likely to get sick or infested with insects in the cold weather. Whenever a tree is trimmed, then a wound is created. This wound allows insects and diseases to easily infect and weaken the tree. Most insects and diseases will not be as active during this time of year.

While you can do some trimming and shaping yourself, it's best to leave the winter tree trimming to the experts. Professional tree trimmers have the equipment to keep themselves and everyone safe as they drop those branches. They also know how to assess the tree for weakness and other problems. Most professional tree trimming services can be contracted for regular pruning and trimming each year, for added convenience.

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