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3 Tips For Installing Double-Hung ­Windows

by Harvie Simms

Double-hung windows are great because they allow you to open both windowpanes. Double-hung windows are also easy to clean, as you can tilt the windowpane inside to allow for easy cleaning access. When it comes to putting in brand-new double-hung windows in your home, there are a few details you want to pay close attention in order to ensure the best installation possible.

Tip #1: Always Check the Alignment

When you install a double-hung window, you always need to take a second to double and triple check the alignment. It takes a little more effort to align a double-hung window due to the construction of the window. Double-hung windows are a little wider in width at the check rail then there are at the head jamb. The extra width is in place to support the weight and function of the window. This extra width means you need to check the top and bottom of the window to make sure it is properly aligned, square, and level. Double-check this as a crocked window will cause you problems down the road. Always measure and check the balance multiple times.

Tip #3: Caulk the Sill

Next, you need to make sure you effectively caulk the sill when you install a new window. The caulking that goes around the window will help keep moisture from getting in around the window. When moisture gets around your window, it can cause condensation on your windows. When moisture gets around the window, it can damage the window frame, and cause water to leak into your home, leading to more damage to the walls in your home and possible even the floors. Take the time to carefully caulk and seal around your window. This will prevent water damage and will help increase the energy-efficient properties of your window as well.

Tip #3: Check Quality of Jamb Components

You should also check the quality of the jamb components. If the jamb components look worn down or on the verge of breaking at all, you should replace them before installing your new double-hung window.

When it comes to installing a window, you want to make sure that you get everything right. Take your time, check the fit, make sure you are using high-quality support products, and caulk adequately around all necessary parts. For the best installation process possible, hire a professional to take care of installing your new double-hung windows for you. For more information, contact a window installation contractor.