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Field Dressing Services For Pole-Mounted Transformers

by Harvie Simms

Providing energy to customers often requires having to run a business from a plant, which is usually of a large size in order to accommodate all of the necessary equipment. Running a power plant also requires a substantial amount of energy being used to keep the equipment running. It is sometimes necessary for power plant owners to install their own pole-mounted transformers on the property to ensure that all of the power demands can be safely met without causing a fire hazard. Did a severe thunderstorm produce a lot of lightning that struck one of your transformers and caused it to become damaged and dangerous? Continue reading this article for information about the services that a field dressing company can provide to assist with your damaged pole-mounted transformer.

Carefully Disassemble Parts

When a transformer goes down, it can cause many problems for a power plant owner. The last thing that a power plant owner desires is for customers to lose access to electricity due to equipment at the plant not being able to be powered up. A field dressing company is able to rush to your rescue and carefully disassemble the unit to avoid causing further damage. A transformer consists of numerous parts, and each of them must be properly handled. The disassembling aspect of such a task is referred to as field undressing.

Transport Parts to a Repair Location

Pole-mounted transformers that are for industrial use are usually large and heavy. Transporting such a large unit to a repair location can be a difficult task unless performed in a specific way. The reason why is because each vehicle has a weight limit, and attempting to transport a large transformer can greatly surpass the weight limit. A field dressing company can ensure that each part of your transformer is transported via separate vehicles if it is necessary. You will also not have to worry about anything getting damaged along the way, as the drivers are trained professionals and will properly secure the parts to their vehicles.

Put Your Unit Back Together

A field dressing company can not only transport your transformer parts to a repair shop, but they can also bring everything back to your power plant. Rather than having to put the transformer back together on your own, professionals can do the work, which is known as field dressing rather than undressing. Keep in mind that the dressing aspect of the task will also include refilling oil if it is necessary.