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What To Do When That Old Dog Of A Furnace Is On Its Last Legs

by Harvie Simms

You can think about your furnace as a pet. It is there to comfort you and help keep you warm on those cold days and nights. Your pet needs attention from you, just as your furnace does. If you neglect your pet, then you will find it will start to have health problems, just as your furnace will. Also, there may come a time when you have to make a hard decision regarding the best interest of your pet, just as you have to with your furnace. This article will give you an education on how you know when it's time to make that hard call and come to the conclusion that it is time to put that old furnace out to pasture and get a new one. Here are some things to look for in your furnace that tell it may be time to say goodbye to your current furnace and get a new one.

The HVAC technician is starting to feel like family:

If you call out the technician because your furnace is turning on and off at an odd frequency, then you call them back out because you notice rust or corrosion around the unit, then you call them out because the furnace isn't turning on and off, then you have them come back out for another issue, then you know this is not the way a healthy furnace acts. You know things are serious when you are adding the technician's family to your holiday dinner list. This seems out of hand when you consider how simple the answer is; replace that sick old unit!

You are sick of getting those enormous bills:

Big heating bills may seem like the status quo because you have become used to seeing them for a while now. However, life doesn't have to be this way. Replacing that old furnace means bringing a new one in your home that has recent technology and meets current energy standards. What comes with those things? Much lower heating bills are what comes with that shiny, new furnace.

That old furnace is bringing unwanted things in your home:

Just as a dog can shed and make messes in the house, an old furnace can also bring problems. If you are dealing with cold areas you can't seem to warm up, your house is very humid, loud noises coming from the furnace are irritating you, or you are finding yourself struggling to keep up with the amount of excessive dust, soot, or rust particles, then a new furnace is in order.

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