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5 Features That Should Always Be A Part Of A Dream Garage

by Harvie Simms

You've hired someone to help you build a custom garage, and they want to know what features you would like incorporated. With enough room in your budget and a little guidance, your custom garage could truly be a dream garage that you never knew could be so valuable to you and your property. Check out this short list of features that should be a part of your dream garage plans. 

1. Windows - If you spend a lot of time in your garage, having a little natural light will help you not feel so cooped up during long projects. Plus, when you are dealing with things like engine fumes or excess dust, having windows to open will be a major plus. 

2. Epoxy Flooring - Your dream garage will look amazing once it's finished, but as someone who actually has a need for a dream garage, you're likely going to do a lot of things to get the floor dirty. Concrete is a viable option, sure, but why not go the extra mile and have the floor epoxy coated so everything from oil stains to grease can simply be washed away. 

3. A Sink - There are a lot of things that take place in your garage that will get you dirty all the way up to your elbows. From working on engines to painting a piece of furniture, all those garage-related tasks can leave you with a need for a good sink. Having a sink in your garage will elevate its usage value by more than you can imagine. For even more added dream-garage appeal, spring for a toilet as well. 

4. Implement Cabinetry - Storage in a garage is great, but why go for open shelves and overhead storage alone when your dream garage can have full-on cabinetry? Broad, boxy cabinets made from durable, garage-worthy materials will serve you and every storage need you have well. You will have a place to conceal all the tools and clutter so you don't feel overwhelmed when you get started on a project. 

5. Lighting - Any good garage should have ample lighting; that goes without saying. However, your dream garage should have an array of modern lighting to cater to your every illumination need. Troffer lights over pertinent work areas for even lighting, spotlights over your workbenches to narrow down on small items, and various other options are out there. Make sure you consider each when designing your dream garage. 

For more information, get in touch with local custom garage builders.