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3 Ways To Update The Lighting In Your Home

by Harvie Simms

Electricity is utilized on a daily basis by homeowners. Light fixtures are one of the primary users of electricity within a home. Adequate light is critical when it comes to creating the ambiance and function you desire within your living space.

Unfortunately, lighting trends in interior design can come and go quickly. Changing trends can leave the lighting in your home looking a little outdated. Get creative and modernize the lighting in your home today.

Add Some Edison Bulbs

Some of the light fixtures within your home might feature bulbs that are visible. Overhead chandeliers and exposed lamps are among the lighting options that can be found in many residential settings. If you can visibly see the bulbs in your light fixtures, you can easily update the lighting in your home by swapping existing bulbs for Edison bulbs.

Edison bulbs have a unique vintage look. They are more elongated than traditional bulbs, and the glass of an Edison bulb is clear to allow full view of the filament. Since Edison bulbs are currently in vogue, adding some of the bulbs to your fixtures can update your home.

Install Track Lighting

You might be asking yourself how track lighting can modernize your home's interior. Track lighting is often thought of as being a ho-hum light source from the late eighties and early nineties, but interior designers are finding new and stylish ways to incorporate track lighting into residential properties.

Look for track lighting fixtures that feature a modern shape. Curves, zigzags, and spirals are popular options. Going for an unexpected shape will allow you to take advantage of the ample light track lighting can offer while still maintaining the modern feel of your home's interior.

Add a Dimmer Switch

Another simple way to update the lighting in your home is to have an electrician install dimmer switches on light fixtures. A dimmer switch lets you adjust the amount of light being produced by any light fixtures within your home. This gives you maximum control over the ambiance of each room.

Dimmer switches can also be beneficial in reducing your family's energy consumption. You can lower your utility bills without sacrificing the light required to live by adding dimmer switches to your home.

Updating the lighting in your home is a great way to modernize your living space and make your residence more functional. Consider Edison bulbs, track lighting, and dimmer switches to change up the lighting scheme in your home in the future, and talk to a professional if you need updated electrical wiring installation