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How To Clean Your Own Ducts

by Harvie Simms

HVAC maintenance is usually best left to professionals. That is, most major repairs to your HVAC system should only be handled by licensed, insured, and trained technicians. Most people use the same HVAC technician that initially installed their system. This is very helpful because it makes troubleshooting unique problems less complicated. Regardless of how good or affordable your HVAC repairman is, you still need to do some things on your own if you want your system to be as efficient as possible. That is, with some simple DIY cleaning jobs, you can do your small part to always ensure your HVAC system is running as well as possible.

Duct Cleaning Is an Easy DIY Project

Duct cleaning is one simple DIY project. You probably won't be able to give your ducts a full-scale cleaning and less you have the right tools for the job. Some people, rather than paying a professional duct cleaning service will invest in the simple tools so they can easily clean their duct system whenever they want to. The cost of the tools is probably going to be less than the cost just one professional duct cleaning service. So, it is a smart long-term investment if you think that you will consistently and repeatedly clean your ducts over the years.

The Essential Tools

The most important thing you need for duct cleaning is a telescoping pole. This pole, which you might find in the paint section at the store, should extend to at least 12' long. With a pole this long, you can probably reach every section of your duct system. Most poles will have a universal male screw attachment on the end. For duct cleaning, you want a duct cleaning brush that has a female screw attachment. You just screw the brush handle on to the pole and you basically have a complete duct cleaning kit.

How to Clean Your Ducts

The key to actually cleaning your ducts with a pole and brush is to try and guide your pull all the way to the back of the duct system and then brush the dust out. You don't want to push any of the dust further into your ducts. It is helpful if you have a flashlight so you can see what you are doing. It is also a good idea to clean any sections of duct that you can reach with your hand using liquid cleaner and a paper towel.

With clean air ducts, you will have fresher air and better airflow. If you need professional assistance, contact companies like Nathan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.