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What Do Plumbers And Cooling Services Have In Common? More Than You Think

by Harvie Simms

What do plumbers and cooling services have in common? At first glance, you are probably inclined to say, "Nothing." Unfortunately, you would be incorrect. Plumbers have more connections to air conditioning and refrigeration than you would expect, as the following will show.

Plumbers Install and Repair Ice Makers and Refrigerator Water Dispensers

When you buy one of those fancier refrigerators, the ones that make ice and dispense it and water through a portal in the door, it is the plumber that installs the ice maker and makes it possible to get water out of your refrigerator. A hose has to travel through your kitchen floor to the plumbing below, and the plumber connects it to your house's cold water supply. An additional hose is required to draw cold water up into the ice maker to produce ice.

Drainage Lines for Air Conditioners

Because air conditioners operate in almost the exact same way as your refrigerator, plumbers can repair them. Plumbers also install drainage lines for the evaporator/condenser inside your central air conditioner. This helps your air conditioner expel excess moisture that can otherwise cause it to freeze up. If you find that your A/C unit is freezing up, this simple repair may help, but you would have to call the plumber to verify.

Intake Hoses for Commercial Freezers

Commercial freezers need a large quantity of water to produce enough cold air to keep going. To get that much water, the plumber installs intake hoses that travel from the lead plumbing lines to the commercial freezer. Any time your commercial freezer (if you have one!) is not producing enough cold air, it could be because it is not getting enough water. The plumber can check the intake hoses to see if there is a blockage or a leak that is preventing the freezer from operating the way that it should.

In Summation

You can see that if the job requires a connection to a water line, the plumber is the one to do it. He or she handles a lot of jobs that cross over into HVAC territory. Sometimes a plumber and an HVAC technician are one and the same, which makes it especially convenient for customers who may need both. The next time you need a helping hand with any of the above, feel free to call a local plumber, such as at Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc., and ask him or her if he/she is willing to help.