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Tips For A Noisy Garage Door

by Harvie Simms

A noisy garage door can be a major nuisance, especially if you have an attached garage or rooms above the garage. While some noise is to be expected, lots of shaking, rattling or squealing can often be corrected. The following tips can help you fix a noisy garage door so that it runs more smoothly and more quietly.

Tip #1: Check the hardware

The daily operation of a garage door can cause some nuts and bolts to come lose over time. This is most likely to happen to the hardware that mounts the track to the door frame, as well as to the bolts that mount the hinges to the door panels. Simply take a screwdriver or wrench and tighten each bolt. Hand tightening is sufficient – you don't want to strip any bolts.

Tip #2: Test the rollers

The rollers that guide the door up the track have bearings inside of them. Over time, these bearings can seize or even come out of the wheels. When this happens the door no longer rolls smoothly up the track. Instead it may drag, causing rattling or squealing noises. Fortunately, you can purchase new rollers so that you can replace the broken ones and have a smoothly running door again.

Tip #3: Clean and lubricate

Dust and debris in the track, especially when combined with poor lubrication, leads to squealing and grinding. Use a broom or a shop vacuum to clean out the tracks. Then, wipe out any remaining grime with a rag. You can remove old grease by dipping the rag in rubbing alcohol before wiping down the tracks. Follow this up by applying a thin layer of garage door lubricant to the inside of the tracks. You should also put a drop or two of the lubricant on each roller, as well as on the hinge pins between the door panels.

Tip #4: Check the springs

As a general rule, garage door springs should only be serviced by a professional because they can cause major injuries due the high tension they are kept under. If squeals and squeaks are coming from the springs, you can spray them down with a metal lubricant to see if that solves the issue. Just don't get any lubricant on the rubber belt that connects to the automatic opener, as the lubricant can damage the rubber. If the noise continues you may need to have them replaced.

Contact a garage door contractor (such as Plano Overhead Garage Door) for more help or for further troubleshooting advice for your specific noise issue.