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Contemporary Embroidered Art Jewelry

by Harvie Simms

The art of embroidery has been produced for centuries in many countries around the world. Embroidered art has a long tradition of depicting small scenes and designs that reflect the culture in which they were made. If you are an embroidery artist, you can make small embroidered art jewelry in many forms. Here are some of the most prevalent forms of embroidered art jewelry that have been made: 

  • Embroidered Art Pins and Pendants - Small embroidered designs can be made and then stretched on wooden or metal hoops and framed in metal bezels to create pins and pendants. You can embroider the designs of your choice including embroidered portraits, landscapes, animals, plants, abstract designs and even gemstones. These small embroidered artworks can be suspended on metal jewelry bails and displayed on chains or backed with pin backs and worn as brooches. Large letter designs can also be embroidered and framed in metal bezels for customers who like to wear monograms. These letters can be embroidered as stand-alone designs (to allow some of the fabric background to show as a contrast to the embroidery thread) or created with an embroidered background in a complementary color. 
  • Embroidered Art Neckpieces - Embroidered art neckpieces can be made as one-piece solid collars or necklace links. You can embroider the one-piece collars and stretch them on wood or metal hoops which are then framed in metal bezels. You can also embellish your embroidered collars with gemstones, glass, and metal beads to add sparkle and movement. Embroidered collars can also be divided into multiple links for the ease of movement of the wearer. Embroidered designs on necklace links can be similar to each other or show a design that progresses from one link to the next adjoining link.  
  • Embroidered Art Bracelets and Anklets - Embroidered art links can be made and linked together to create bracelets and anklets. You can make these embroidered jewelry links in different sizes to fit different wrist and ankle sizes. Embroidered art inks can be made with metal bezels and fully backed to keep the embroidered links safe and secure while being worn on the wrist and ankle. 
  • Embroidered Art Earrings - Embroidered art earrings can be made to hang in metal bezels or in 3D forms. You can make these embroidered art earrings to be a matched pair or a set of different designs that relate to each other in color and shape. Glass, gemstone, and seed beads can be used with embroidered art earrings as embellishments.  

You can make your embroidery art jewelry with minimal, contemporary designs or with embellished, traditional designs. With the addition of gemstone beads, glass and metal seed beads, and metal beads, your embroidery art can reflect your own personality and design sense and create a truly unique artistic statement. In embroidery art jewelry, you are only limited by your own imagination. Contact a business, such as C & E Imprinted Sportswear, for more information.