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Tips For Choosing French Patio Doors

by Harvie Simms

There can be many different upgrades that you may need to make to your house to transform it into your dream home. For those that enjoy having bright sunlight and a good view, the installation of a French patio door may be an excellent investment to make in the home. However, if you have never had much experience with owning this type of door, you should keep the following couple of tips in mind to help ensure that you avoid some oversights that could prevent you from getting the most from this upgrade.

Opt For Energy Efficient Glass

One of the most distinctive features of these doors is that they have numerous panes of glass to allow you to see outside. However, this glass can be a source of energy loss. During the hot summer months, intense sunlight can heat the interior of your home, and the winters can bring cold drafts.

Fortunately, you can help to minimize these problems by opting for energy efficient glass. Often, this type of glass consists of dual panes with an insulating gas between the glass. Also, the exterior of the glass is often coated with a reflective finish that will prevent the most energy intensive rays of the sun from entering your home and heating it.

Choose A Low Maintenance Frame

There are some homeowners that may automatically assume that they want wood French doors. While these doors can be very aesthetically pleasing, they are also far more maintenance intensive than other synthetic options. For example, you will need to regularly treat the wood to prevent it from rotting or sustaining damage from insects.

Luckily, you can avoid much of this maintenance if you opt for a door with a vinyl frame. For those worried about appearance, it is possible to choose a vinyl door that will be almost indistinguishable from natural wood. However, this material will have the benefit of requiring almost no maintenance. Typically, the only care that a vinyl door frame will require is to be washed to remove dirt and dust.

If you are considering having a French door installed, it can be difficult to choose a particular door due to the various options that are available. This variety can make it easy for individuals to overlook some important features when choosing a door. However, if you make sure to opt for energy efficient glass and a vinyl frame, you can be better prepared to choose French doors that will perfectly meet the needs of your home.