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A Few Things To Know About Coating Your Roof

by Harvie Simms

If you have a flat roof, you can extend it's life and ward off leaks by applying a roof coating. Roof coating goes on just like paint, and it dries in an elastic layer that protects your roof. The coating material degrades over time due to sun exposure and weather changes, so you need to reapply it every few years. However, the trouble and expense are worth it because of the prolonged lifespan of your roof and the effect on your energy bills. Here's what you need to know about applying a roof coating.

Pick The Color

The color of roof coating is more about how it affects the temperature in your home rather than appearance. White coating contains pigments in it that reflect UV rays. That prevents UV damage to your roof, and it also slows down solar heating of your home. A white roof coating is ideal if you are concerned about lowering your air conditioning cost in the summer.

If you are more interested in lowering your heating bill in the winter, then you should choose a black roof coating, since the black pigments absorb solar radiation and make your home warmer. You can also choose coating in a range of colors between black and white. These provide varying degrees of radiant warming and UV blocking and are suitable all climates. Some roof coatings have insulating granules in them that block the transfer of heat into and out of your home, which can lower your power bills during all seasons.

Prep The Roof

The most labor-intensive part of putting on roof coating is getting the roof ready. You must first seal all cracks and repair any damaged places on your roof, and then you must thoroughly clean your roof. Cleaning is necessary because it helps the coating adhere better. Fixing cracks is necessary because roof coating doesn't close cracks, and they may leak eventually if they are not filled in and sealed first. You may need to devote an entire day to prepping the roof to make sure it is done right. Then you can allow the roof to dry overnight and be ready for the coating the next day.

Apply The Coating

You can buy roof coating at a home improvement store. It comes in large buckets, and you roll it on just like you would if you were painting the roof. You'll probably want to apply two coats and let the first coat dry before the second one is applied. The coating will gradually cure and adhere over a period of a few days as all of the water evaporates from the coating.

While it isn't difficult to apply coating, it can be a labor-intensive job, especially making the repairs and cleaning the roof first. You may want to hire a contractor to do the job if you're not comfortable working on the roof for long hours. For more information, contact Stetson Painting or a similar company.