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Protecting Your Home From Break-Ins: French Doors

by Harvie Simms

French doors leading to a patio or garden are a lovely addition to any home. They give a touch of elegance to your living space, while allowing light to enter through the glass panes. Unfortunately, French doors can also be an invitation to criminals, who may see them as an easy way to gain entry into your house. This article examines how you can make it more difficult for burglars to break into your home through these types of doors. 


One crucial factor in making it as hard as possible for burglars to get into your house through the French doors is the type of glass used for the panes. If standard glass is used, this makes it fairly easy for the criminal to simply smash the glass and enter the home. Rather than using doors with standard glass, however, a better idea is to use French doors with insulated or reinforced glass, sometimes known as "hurricane glass." Designed to withstand impacts from objects blown by hurricane-force winds, French doors with reinforced glass will make in very difficult for malefactors to smash through the panes. 


Of course, you will want to have a good locking system on your French doors. One excellent plan is to have three separate locks in place where the pair of doors join together. A deadbolt lock is placed in the middle section, while locks are also installed at the top of the doors and at the bottom. The locks at the top and bottom will need mortises created in the woodwork to hold the locking mechanism securely. This three-lock system makes the doors much more secure than the single lock seen on many French doors. 


To add even more protection to your French doors, place a security bar, which you can purchase at many home and garden centers, on the inside of the doors. The bar, which is placed under the door knob and set tight against the floor, makes it close to impossible for an intruder to kick the doors in. You may want to consider using a security bar that sounds an alarm if someone attempts to force the doors open. 

French doors are a great way to make any home more attractive. Although they may cause you some concern over their perceived security weaknesses, this is no reason to avoid having them installed in your house. As this article shows, making your French doors more secure is not difficult or prohibitively expensive. 

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