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Which Wood Works Best For Your New Kitchen Cabinets

by Harvie Simms

When you have hopes of creating the perfect kitchen cabinets, you need to think about the different wood types. By looking through your options, you will be able to choose a wood that fits with the style of your kitchen, but it is also durable enough for your needs.


MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is an affordable option for new kitchen cabinets. These boards are made from compressed layers of wood fiber and resin.

You can easily cut boards to make large or small cabinets for your kitchen. To customize the cabinets further, you can round the edges and paint them any color you prefer.

One downside to this product is the inability to stain the surface. Since MDF is a compressed board, a stain will not give you the same appearance as solid wood panels.

When using MDF for kitchen cabinets, you also need to seal the paint with a thin layer of clear varnish. MDF soaks up water very easily and you want to counter this problem with an added layer of protection. A clear varnish can help repel water, while also giving your new cabinets a shiny exterior.


Another affordable option is to use pine to create the cabinets. This wood type is usually lighter in color and you can either stain or paint the surface. A benefit of using a lighter wood color is that you can make it look expensive by using a cherry or mahogany stain. Using this design method gives you the pricey appearance, but the overall cost is lower.

When it comes to pine, the wood is durable, but you can damage the surface if you hit the cabinet with something hard. However, repairing the damage is easy, since you can use a stainable wood putty to fill in any scratches or hole. Once the filler dries, you can then stain it to match your cabinet. This type of repair takes some work and time, but it does allow you to hide almost all of the repairs you may need to do.

Exotic Woods

When you want a different wood type altogether, you can choose an exotic wood. However, exotic woods are not as affordable as other options, but the vibrant colors may be worth the extra money to you.

One option you have if you prefer a darker red is bloodwood. This wood has a bright red color that deepens as time goes on. To reduce the amount of color change that happens, you can add a layer of varnish to the cabinets to protect the bright red color of the wood.

Other woods like African blackwood is good when you want a dark brown color, while aspen works well if you want your cabinets to be grey in color. Choosing the color scheme you want first and then looking through the different exotic woods can help you decide which one works best for your new cabinets.

By taking some time, you have the opportunity to look through the different available wood types. Talk with a contractor from a business like Leon Supply to learn even more about what type of wood cabinets will work best for your lifestyle and personal taste.