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Three Of The Biggest Myths You Need To Know Before Having Your Carpets Cleaned

by Harvie Simms

Most people are aware that they need to clean their carpets, but they don't know much beyond that. Because of this, there are a lot of myths that abound. Here's a look at three of the biggest myths you need to know before you have your carpets cleaned.

Myth #1: Wait to Clean Your Carpet, Because It Will Never Look the Same

Many people have their carpets cleaned for the first time, only to find them looking worse than when they started. But if you wait too long to clean your carpets, you'll end up with damage that can't be reversed. So cleaning shouldn't wait. As far as the carpet looking worse, carpet will only look worse after cleaning if it's not cleaned properly. Usually, that happens when carpets are left too wet. Wet carpet leaves debris trapped in the fibers. When the carpet dries, the dirt comes back up to the top. As long as your cleaning is done the right way, your carpets will not look worse.

Myth #2: Steam Cleaning Your Carpet Will Damage It

Like the previous myth, this one is a result of the job being done improperly. If a carpet is steam cleaned and left too wet, not only will the dirt not come off, but the carpet may mildew, shrink, split, or have a number of other problems. When you use a professional service, they will use certain methods that only wet the carpet fibers, and not the pads underneath. Steam cleaning won't harm your carpets, or the floor underneath.

Myth #3: Your Carpet Only Needs Cleaning When It's Dirty

Likely because of the first two myths, some people think that your carpet only needs to be cleaned when it's visibly dirty. But your carpet can be dirty without visible dirt showing. Especially if someone in the home suffers from asthma or allergies your carpet needs a regular cleaning at least once a year. Cleaning your carpet consistently will not only make it more appealing visually and make it more comfortable to walk on, but it could actually extend its life.

Of course, even if you make sure to avoid these myths, cleaning your carpets can still be tricky. The easiest way to make sure your carpets are cleaned the right way the first time is to trust the job to a professional carpet cleaning company. They've likely dealt with carpets just like yours hundreds of times before, and know exactly how to best deal with every situation.