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A Gentle Touch Is All You Need For Your New Bamboo Floors

by Harvie Simms

Many people who want to install hardwood floors are turning to bamboo flooring. Bamboo creates beautiful hardwood floors that are surprisingly affordable due to the renewable nature of bamboo. If you have recently had bamboo flooring installed, you just need a gentle touch to keep it clean:

Use A Soft Touch When Cleaning

Bamboo floors are generally really ease to clean and require a gentle touch. If you are too rough with your cleaning methods, you will scratch your bamboo floors. 

Sweep Or Vacuum Up Dirt On A Regular Basis

You should use a broom or a padded cleaning head on your vacuum cleaner every few days to pick up the dirt that has accumulated on your floor. If left alone, dust and dirt can easily scratch the surface of your bamboo floors and take away that beautiful finish.

Make Sure Your Mop Is Only Damp And Use Regular Soap

If you need to mop, make sure your mop is only damp. Do not mop with a drenching wet mop like you might do with tile or vinyl. Bamboo is a very absorbent wood, which is why you should keep your mop damp and not drenching. You want to clean the floor, you do not want to saturate it with water. 

You can use regular dish soap or regular hardwood floor cleaner while mopping. Stay away from any products that include wax. Typical floor wax can actually damage the finish on your bamboo floors. There are floor polishes and waxes that are made specifically for bamboo finishes; if you feel your floor needs waxing, make sure you purchase a product made for that purpose. 

You should also avoid using steel wool or any scouring powder on your bamboo floors. Both of these things are too harsh for your bamboo floors and can cause damage to the finish. 

Wipe Up Spills Quickly 

If you happen to spill something on a bamboo floor, do not just let it sit there. Wipe it up right away. If you clean it up quickly, it will not damage your new bamboo floors. 

Protect Your Floors With Common Sense

Since bamboo is a softer wood, do what you can to avoid tracking dirt and other small debris into your house. Use rugs or mats at the entrances of your house, and ask your family members and friends to take off their shoes when they come in. These simple common sense practices will preserve the beauty of your new hardwood bamboo floors. 

Remember to be gentle with your bamboo floors. Bamboo is a soft substance, and when it comes to cleaning, frequent gentle cleaning is the way to go. If you follow that simple, your floors will look great for years to come. If you want to know more, contact a company like Front Range Interiors to learn about how to maintain or install bamboo floors in your home.