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Decorating A Boy's Room Based On A Football Theme

by Harvie Simms

If you're planning to decorate a boy's room based on a football theme, then this will undoubtedly make him feel very special, regardless of his age. You may be struggling with the planning process as well choosing the specific decor, and if so, then here are some ideas for creating an extra special football-themed bedroom as easily as possible:

Find out his favorite team

If the boy whose room you're decorating is an adolescent, then chances are he has a favorite football team. It doesn't matter if his favorite team is college or professional, because regardless, you should have the ability to easily purchase paraphernalia based on that particular team. This will make the room extra special.

You can opt for bedspreads, shelf figurines, clocks, curtains, wall decals and more. If the boy is younger and isn't yet into professional or college football, then as long as the decor you choose is football-related (and based on his favorite colors,) then it should work just fine.

Pay attention to the flooring

If you're going to be upgrading the flooring in the bedroom, then, instead of carpet, you might want to opt for custom hardwood flooring. Not only would this enable the boy to choose the flooring that he prefers, but hardwood flooring could really accentuate the assortment of football decor that you plan to display.

You could add a nice rug with a football theme or in a football shape, which could really top things off. If you're not experienced in putting down flooring, then a contractor could have beautiful new flooring placed in a matter of hours. This would free up time for you to focus on other aspects of your project.

Don't forget the paint

When planning to decorate the bedroom, you might find that you need to paint the walls in order to match the decor. Of course you will want to paint prior to having the flooring placed, to prevent possibly staining the floor.

If the themed-room is going to be a surprise, then you might want to have the boy sleep elsewhere for 2 or 3 days. Depending on how large the room is and whether or not you need to paint the entire room or just part of it, it might take some time to get everything completed in the exact manner that you desire.

Your plans for decorating a boy's room based on a football theme can be a great deal of fun for you as well as the boy. As long as you find out an older boy's favorite team in advance, and a younger boy's favorite color, then no matter which specific decor you ultimately choose, it is bound to turn out absolutely perfect.

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