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How To Affordably Extend Pool Season At Your House

by Harvie Simms

You don't have to spend a fortune to make your inground swimming pool more inviting during the spring and early fall. Consider these tips, gadgets, and upgrades to extend the swim season at your house by months. These pool warming methods can help you swim comfortably in April, and you don't have to spend a fortune to heat up your pool at the end of September.

Use A Cover Year-Round For Your Pool

When the nights get chilly, the warm water in your pool is quickly lost. To maintain the maximum amount of heat your pool absorbed during the day, you can put a pool cover or a solar blanket over the surface of your pool at night (and when it is not in use.) A pool cover designed to absorb solar heat can add 5 degrees to your pool every 12 hours it is in place.

Floating rings that absorb heat can help make your pool feel 4.5 degrees warmer after a week of use. Floating rings can be used while your pool is in use, less expensive than a large pool cover, and easy to put into use.

Use A Cover In Addition To Your Pool's Heat Pump

If you want to use a heat pump for your swimming pool, you can expect to spend about $2000. Still, you shouldn't assume that is all you need for effective heating of your swimming pool. Your pool's heat pump doesn't actually create heat, but it captures heat and circulates it through the pool. To optimize the performance and the life of your pump, you should use a cover on your pool.

The less heat that is lost from your pool when the sun goes down, the less it will cost to keep your pool an amiable 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You could cut around 80% off your pool's annual heating cost by investing in a pool cover to go with your new heat pump.

Connect Your Heat Pump To Solar Panels

Solar panels are going to be the most energy efficient way for you to heat your pool. While you may not benefit from it on cloudy days, you will enjoy the free heating power it offers the majority of the time. You can optimize the benefits of your solar panels by adding them to the sunniest side of your home's rooftop.

The expenses that come with cleaning and maintaining your pool can already be expensive. Making your pool comfortable enough to enjoy using more throughout the year shouldn't make your pool unaffordable. Consult a professional, like Easton Pool & Spa, for more information.