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How Buying A House On A Hill Can Work To Your Yard's Advantage

by Harvie Simms

In your search for just the right house, you finally decide on one you can settle for. It is not exactly perfect, but given time, you can make it your own. The one thing you find disagreeable about it is that it sits on a hill. There is definitely an incline as you walk or drive up the driveway. What you are unaware of and will eventually discover is that this is an advantage, especially if you have street curbs or hire a contractor to put curbing in.

Curbs Were Meant for This

If you never looked at your street curbs before, you should look at them now. They are not angular or square. They are rounded and slope downward. Most curbing in the U.S. is built this way to allow water to flow over easily. Square curbing is more decorative and the sidewalks are constructed at a slight angle to encourage water to flow down to the curb (otherwise the water or other liquids would just sit in a puddle.).

The primary purpose is to move water away from structures and into the sewer systems. If you live on a hill, you absolutely want your curbs to round down as it facilitates the free flow of water in the direction it needs to go.

Wet Land Downhill is Dry Land Uphill

As rain pours down, it rolls away from your foundation. As long as your yard has no dips or valleys in it, it will continue to roll downhill toward the street. With the installed curbing and street gutters, all of that rain water rolls off the top of the curb and into the gutter. The gutter takes the water to the sewer system, and your land is much drier than your neighbor's several yards away.

In fact, if your neighbor's land is flatter and and not on a hill, he or she will probably get some of the downhill overflow from your yard, prompting the need for your curbing contractor to build some sort of drainage line and retaining wall.

Drier Land Makes a Better Yard

Without all of that water saturating the ground or standing still in little ponds in your yard, your grass will fare better. You will also be able to plant several different kinds of flowers, trees and bushes without worrying that they will drown in every storm or be washed downhill with heavy rains. If you like, specialty curbing made to reroute water away from certain areas is a product specialty of some curbing contractors. A specialty contractor can show you how it works and where it would work best in your uphill yard.

To learn more, contact a company like Northern Asphalt LLC with any questions you have.