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Two Questions About Common Residential Electrical Problems

by Harvie Simms

The development of the electrical grid was one of the most revolutionary moments for humanity, but it is no secret that electricity can pose a major risk to your home if your electrical wiring develops problems. Sadly, many people do not know much about these systems, and there are a couple of routine questions they may need clarified. 

What Causes A Burning Smell From Outlets Or Circuit Breakers?

A common and alarming problem that many homeowners will encounter is a burning smell that originates from the outlets and breaker box. This smell usually results from the burning of the insulation around the wiring. This insulation is designed to be highly fire resistant, but the overwhelming power of the electricity can initially cause it to ignite if a couple of conditions are met. 

Generally, the insulation will need to be weakened or torn and there must be a strong electrical current running through it. If this problem is not addressed quickly, it can eventually cause a major fire to erupt. As a result, when you smell this odor, you should flip the breakers to the off position for the area where the smell is originating and contact an experienced electrician. 

Do Flickering Ceiling Lights Pose A Fire Risk?

It is not unusual for ceiling lights to start to flicker as they age, and some homeowners may think that this is a relatively harmless problem to have. However, this is not the case, and it is actually possible for this issue to pose a major fire risk for the home. 

This flickering is often caused by a loose connection between wires in the light. When the wires stay in contact with flammable materials, they can eventually cause it to catch on fire. Also, if the wire comes into contact with a metal components of your home, it can deliver a painful shock to anyone that touches the electrified metal. Due to these threats, flickering ceiling lights should always be inspected and repaired by a fully licensed electrician. 

Electrical fires and shocks can be a major risk for homeowners that live in older housing, but some people may not fully understand some of the warning signs of this issue. Luckily, keeping your home safe from electrical problems does not have to be an overwhelming or confusing task. By learning the answers to the electrical safety questions, you will be better able to keep your home safe from this modern hazard. For more information, contact an experience electrician from a company like Martin Electric