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Air Conditioning Fan Problems And How They Affect Your Unit

by Harvie Simms

If you have ever mowed the lawn around your air conditioning unit outside, you may have noticed the bladed fan just inside the top of the unit. The fan serves a purpose, and if the fan does not work properly, it can't perform according to its purpose. Subsequently, your air conditioning in your home will also falter and fail. You can prevent this from happening if you know what to look and listen for.

Clear Away Obstructive Debris

The fan you spotted helps pull the hot air from your home to the outside. It cools the air and releases moisture such that the condenser does not freeze over. Unfortunately, it is somewhat exposed to flying and floating debris. Twigs, bugs, grass clippings, vines all end up stuck in the metal grate over the top of the fan. Eventually, they slow the fan down or stop it from spinning altogether. Make a plan to regularly clear this debris out so your air conditioner works more effectively. Some people will do it every time they mow their lawns.

Fan Blade Rust and Breakage

If you have had your air conditioner for ten years or more and you have never had an HVAC repair technician like Kassel Appliance & Ac Repair give it a tune-up, you have been very lucky so far. Your luck is probably going to run out any day now, because air conditioners of a decade ago were less efficient than today's. Additionally, the fan blades may have some rust on them from ten years' worth of rough weather, or they may be chipped or bent. If you spot any of these conditions on your fan blades when it is at rest (non-moving intervals), then you need to get an HVAC specialist out right away to fix the fan blades.

Loosened Fans That Clank

Rattling noise that is the direct result of a fan coming loose and the blades clanking against the top grate or the sides of the a/c unit's housing is an immediate emergency call out to a repair technician. Before you even call the technician, turn the a/c unit off to prevent any further damage to the rest of the unit's internal housing and components. Do not try to fix this yourself as there may be something else wrong, other than the fan itself.

Describe the Problem in Full to the HVAC Contractor

When you call a contractor, explain and describe in full detail what you see and hear. Sometimes the repair technician/ contractor will know right away by a customer's description exactly what is wrong with you air conditioner and give you a ballpark figure of what it will cost to fix it. It helps whomever you hire bring the right tools and parts to your home on the first visit, saving you money and the technician time.