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5 Ways To Dry Your Carpet Fast After A Flood

by Harvie Simms

During a flood, carpets can soak up and hold water. If not promptly dried, wet carpet becomes highly susceptible to mold, mildew and bacterial growth. There are several ways you can quicken the carpet drying process to avoid these growths and prevent your carpet from becoming ruined. Here's a look at ways to dry your carpet after a flood.

1. Lay Out Towels

One of the quickest ways to remove excess moisture from carpets is with thick, fluffy towels. Spread large towels out flat over the surface of the carpet. Walk up and down the towels until they are completely saturated with water. Once saturated, remove the towel and replace it with a dry towel.

2. Use a Wet Vacuum

Unlike standard household vacuums, wet vacuums are designed to suck up water. Vacuum over the carpet until the vacuum cleaner is sucking up no more water. Keep an eye on the water tank attached to your wet vacuum. Once the tank gets close to being filled, dump it to avoid an overflow.

3. Circulate the Air

There are several ways you can circulate the air in the room to help quicken the carpet drying process. Use ceiling fans and place other household fans so that the air is directly hitting the carpet. Dehumidifiers can also work to circulate the air. If the carpet is relatively small, a hairdryer can be used to dry the carpet. Also, open doors and windows.

4. Reduce Foot Traffic

As your carpets are drying, try to keep foot traffic in the room to a minimum. Carpet fibers that are standing straight up will dry quicker than fibers that have been stomped down due to people walking on them. If the fibers are already crushed down, use a carpet rake to push the fibers back up straight.

5. Move Furniture Out

If your carpet has been affected by flooding, promptly remove any furniture in the room. Leaving furniture in place can ruin both the carpet and furniture due to mold and mildew. Removing furniture allows more air to reach the carpet fibers which can speed up the drying time. Do not move the furniture back until the carpet is completely dry.

You may think that your carpet is ruined after being affected by a flood, but this isn't always the case. Most carpets can be saved if you can dry them fast enough. For assistance with drying your flood-stricken carpets, contact a water damage restoration service, like Rapid Dry Inc.